Friday, November 18, 2016

Making 'opal jewelry' with unique 'boulder opal' !!

New order for this unique, solid Australian boulder opal 
loose stone to make into a pendant has raised.


Well, its shape is very natural and individual, 
so I would have to ask my jeweller 
to create it right from scratch.

         Also this opal loose comes in a large size  -  3.20ct.

       Meaning some good amount of K18 gold or platinum 
will be needed to make a solid base to hold an opal steadily.    

Nothing will be done easily when you're dealing with Australian boulder opal, but when it's completed properly by professional goldsmiths, you'll be super happy and will treat your opal jewelry extra special.

To find more information on this opal, 
please see the link below.

Beautiful color combination of blue & green ...

Lots of 'play of color' and a very strong character 
which will amuse you forever !!

Your happiness & satisfaction is fully guaranteed when dealing with us.

Australian boulder opal is super bright, unique, 
rare and just enjoyable to wear !!! 

Only to be found in Queensland, Australia.
Lovely top gemstone ever.

xxxx   Malayvone

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I finally found you !!!

New opal loose stone 

My very favorite boulder opal loose has finally came to me after looking, searching for a quality like this the past 9 months !!

What's so great about this opal ?!?

Well, just look at its color !!!

Full of range, red, orange, gold, green, blue, violet, pink, silver, all the color you want is captured right inside.

And if you see the movie, you'll find more details such as large mixed patterns and the 'play of color' ... 
it's breathtaking .... 

just check it out !!  ^^


For more new black opal & boulder opal looses, please see the website thanks.
I guarantee you'll LOVE ALL of it.   


xxxx    Malayvone

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Well, I just returned from Sapporo where the 
" watch & jewelry show " was held for 4 days last week in Grand Hotel New Oji.

And to stand out a bit in the crowd (haha), I decided to wear LAO traditional dress during the event this time.

Color's bright and silky, looks like opal colors right ?!?   ^^

Our displays is always simple ...
As you can see, all opal is nicely placed in the loose case and individually protected by the glass top.

Easy to care and see the prices, super 'clean' so that our customers can view and examine the quality of opal in a second. 

Here's BEFORE vs AFTER ... very professional !

The preparations in the hotel function room normally takes about 3 ~ 5 hours and then ready to invite all 'gem & jewelry lovers' the next day.

The show went really well, another great jewelry event we had in Sapporo with friends and associates, we will be back again for sure early next year !!

Thanks for a great time & cheers everyone.   

And ...
Never forget to enjoy this yummy Japanese sake & wonderful Japanese cuisine after a long, hard working day.
Eat, drink up, laugh, cry of joy and get ready for another miracle. 

This is life  (^^)
A wonderful life with beautiful black opal & boulder opal.

Love Japan !!!  

It's getting cold and missing Gold Coast lately.

xxxx    Malayvone

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Precious ...

Precious ...

When you think of something 'precious' ... 
what comes up in your mind first?

Expensive jewelry ...

Exclusive art ...

Collectible mineral ... 

Whatever it might be, it sure is 'beautiful in your eyes'.

We believe Australian black opal, boulder opal is extremely precious and beautiful.

So ... what would you say, something 
precious and lasts forever?

xxxx    Malayvone

Friday, September 9, 2016

Missing good time with these fellows, who mines opal for us in Australia !!!


(boulder opal miner in QLD, Australia) ...

Peter (left) & Ken (right)
black opal miners in Lightning Ridge, 
NSW, Australia.

These guys are amazing.

Working hard under the heat, looking for precious opal (solid, black opal & boulder opal) 
for us so that we can introduce it to the world !!!   ^^

To see beautiful collection  →

And my big duty is ....

Before being able to introduce it to the world, I have to sit down in front of "the most beautiful gem on earth  -  OPAL" and examine its condition first.
And ask myself the following questions.

*  Is there any scratch, crack, damage, obvious imperfection on the opal ?

*  What is the carat weight, the exact measurements and all details of each opal ?

*  How much will it be in today's market (what is the best price to offer) ?

*  How should I design & set it in the jewelry so the beauty will show most ?

*  What's the best method to show its beauty professionally ? 

*  Where & who will be the most suitable place / person to take it home ?

*  Am I confident enough to sell it and guarantee my clients forever ?  etc ...


When all is done & prepared, 
we then list our opal collection to show to everyone !! 

Beautiful thing does not come around easily ...

Without these fellows hard work and my part, 
you might not be able to see these 
"rainbow collection" today. 


xxxx     Malayvone